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Javascript: window.prompt on IE10 metro

Today some of my customers complained that they cannot fill form in one website. After investigating I soon realized that problem was lack of support for window.prompt method in IE 10 Metro mode.

I like to use window.prompt, because it is native and standard way to ask user input. It gives away the UI design to browsers, so designer does not need to care how it will be shown on different devices.

In IE 10 Metro, window.prompt is defined and the method does exist. However, user will never see prompt box and value of prompt is always undefined.

To correct the functionality in IE 10 Metro mode, I created a polyfill for it. The webpage that I used in this particular case is using jQuery Mobile framework, so I used popups from jQM it as part of the solution. I also had to alter behavior of window.prompt a little bit. Because it is impossibe to create a polyfill which will halt execution of script while waiting user input, I had to implement a callback which will be executed when user has given the input.

The code for fixing window.prompt on IE10 metro mode (Requires: jQuery Mobile 1.3)

window.prompt=function(msg,defaultvalue,callback) {
var r=window.cacheprompt(msg,defaultvalue);
return r;
if(typeof(r)=='undefined' && typeof(callback)=='function') {
var form=$.mobile.activePage[0].appendChild(document.createElement('form'));
var label=form.appendChild(document.createElement('label'));
var textinput=document.createElement('input');
var btn=form.appendChild(document.createElement('input'));
btn.onclick=function() {
else if(typeof(callback)=='function')
return callback(r);

The polyfill will override native window.prompt method, but wont affect behavior of it unless browser is not capable of showing the prompt window. The Polyfill adds third parameter to prompt method, a callback which will be executed when user has gave the input.

window.prompt('Your name', 'Peter Pan', function(name) {
    alert('Your name is '+name);

On IE10 Metro UI it will be shown as in picture:

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